Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

Crochet is a type of craft that has gone all the way in the decor, leaving the environment cleaner and it is present with various items in cushions, placemats, decorative and light paintings, in the wonderful rugs.

Crochet rug is a handcrafted classic décor that brings charm to any setting, harmonizing your home.
Crochet is a well-known type of craft used for various types of decoration in your home. In the case of carpets, they can have simple, complex, formed points and even different sizes to suit different environments of the house.

Here the colors are released! Choose the ones that match the rest of the room, if you prefer to stay in neutral tones, light parts are able to enlarge the environment, but avoid too bright colors to not expose too much dirt to the part

The living room is one of the busiest places in the house. He welcomes friends, relaxes or has that special gathering that brings the whole family together, so it is essential that the decor of this environment be beautiful, comfortable and cozy. One of the best options to make this possible is crochet rugs.

For living rooms and bedrooms crochet rugs can be larger and more eye-catching, with vibrant colors or something more discreet, yet giving an exceptional touch to the decor. For the kitchen, the treadmill model is quite successful in following the sink. For the bathroom, 3-piece crochet sets are the most common and desired. This type of rug can also be used outdoors such as at the front door of the house or apartment.

A tip from the professional is to use round pieces to finish an isolated armchair making the environment more charming. And if you prefer other crochet items, such as beanbags and baskets, they end up perfectly matching the rug.

Regardless of the model chosen or where the crochet rug will be placed, it certainly adds a special touch to the environment. Because it is a different and charming handicraft, it also takes the warmth, as well as the possibility of being the memory of someone dear, as many women present their friends and family with this type of craft.

Crochet handicrafts give a unique and elegant touch, as it will be made by yourself or ordered as you wish, beautiful carpets displayed in your home giving charm and beauty are a great gift.

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