Amazing How Crochet Dresses and Hats Attract

They are versatile and give that look up, are very popular in many countries, as proof of this are the international actresses, who always parade super stylized and modern models, whether for street style looks or even the beachwear itself that They leave a charm to anyone who wears it.

Hats always have a prominent place in fashion shows, weddings and everyday clothes. Recently, several celebrities like Bruna Marquezine, Nanda Costa and Jennifer Lopez circulated with their clothes. Crochet dresses are being welcomed because people are losing their fear of wearing, as the accessory can be a great ally when it comes to defining a look, including children where it leaves a charm and a cutie.
As they are unique pieces of crochet will be the protagonists of their production, so the accessories should keep the same color as not to take away the charm of the piece and leaving a special charm.

  • How to Choose the Color of Your Look

Colors are very important and a criterion of choice for everything. Knowing how to choose the tones, regardless of what it is, is a great differential. So as not to get lost in color, you can always count on our tips from various designers or actresses. Every year colors are chosen with diversity and with the highest level of fashion authority in the color subject with which to research trends and choose the colors of the year, or season.

The diversity of colors in our threads ensures that the handmade world is always in tune with current trends. We have separated for you some recipes crochet pieces, knitting that you can do there are points for all tastes, between decoration and fashion.

By: Knitterlee
  • What You Should Know 

Crochet has been highly valued and well regarded in the last seasons of spring and summer. It has gained prominence in the catwalks and collections of various fashion designers around the world, along with the beautiful and crochet clothes are the result of a careful and careful manual work, already The technique demands patience and creativity and yields many wonderful pieces that promise to take to the streets throughout the season in vibrant or sober colors and more classic or stripped-down modeling is versatile and is also present in accessories and accessories. We can see totally handmade pieces such as belts, bags, bracelets, earrings, tiaras and even hats.

The pieces are used in various ways where it is a super democratic material that pleases various styles and tastes and can be used during the day or night at more social events or parties, to be more honest if you use it because it fits well in any desirable occasion. Here is a tip for these events, drier modeling dresses or skirts with more sophisticated embroidery are a good choice as this trend is loaded with options in both embroidery and color.

Patterns to choose

by Violet-rose

So, ready to embroider on the originality of crochet in your looks you like the most? How about enjoying holidays and travel to learn the patterns of these dresses, see the walkthrough and have fun, good luck and hope you enjoyed our content.

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