Color Blocked Infinity Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Choosing an American kitchen, that is, integrated with other environments in the house (in general, living room or television) is advantageous especially if you have small spaces in your house or apartment. With this, by integrating them, you gain in terms of the feeling of spaciousness and promote greater interaction between the regulars of the place. Besides, it is very cozy and charming. in this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Crochet Color Blocked Infinity Scarf.

But that obviously depends on how this initiative is promoted. What is the solution for many cases, if not done properly, can give rise to a poorly resolved environment, which will not cause the pleasant feeling we are talking about and will possibly spoil the decor.

What determines the success of this idea is, in general, a good interior design project combined with decoration, so keep that in mind. This is because the directions in the design of this kitchen change, and it is necessary to follow some basic guidelines.

Free Pattern Available: Color Blocked Infinity Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

First, an American kitchen is not suitable for all types of people, take into account their behavior related to eating habits, as some things may not work. If your family likes fried foods, baked goods, complex preparations that leave the kitchen “upside down”, it is evident that this option does not suit them. The strong smell will spread through the social environments of the house, and this is not always appropriate, in addition, the look will not be the coolest when being used.

The American kitchen needs to be kept minimally clean and organized on a daily basis, so think about it before installing one of these, or you will suffer for not being able to feel free to mess up your own kitchen, which is horrible! If you feel that it is your profile, invest, as it will be an environment that will bring you many good moments. It is not always necessary to have a clear delimitation of where the kitchen and living room are located, given by the different floor, for example, or by a counter, a table.

If you want to put everything together, do so, but the investment in “wildcard” materials that match the needs of both environments should be greater, such as a floor that can be washed and also comfortable for a room, such as a wooden carpet or floor demolition wood. It is a luxury! If you do not want to dare so much, create a subtle delimitation between spaces, and the functions of each one are clearer, which helps a lot. In the kitchen use a coating that is easy to clean, while in the living room you can already paint the walls, or cover them with fabric or paper. The key is to combine textures and colors, to harmonize.


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