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Choose a color scheme for the How to Crochet a Granny Square . The lines, it stands to reason, come in a wide variety of colors. The colors you choose will modify the final appearance of your quilt, cushion or any other creation. Choose carefully the colors to achieve the effect you want. For a “gypsy” look combine red, dark purple, pink, yellow, bright blue and green leaf. For a country look make squares with bright colors, but sew them with black wool. For a classic American look, combine white, red, blue and straw yellow. If you do not want a square look, but want to use the quick quilt method, use only two colors (white and blue, for example) for a more sober look.

I know that in the house of those who make handicrafts there is always a lack of space to store paints, brushes, threads, wool and everything else that is used to make handicrafts. Here at home is like this, with plenty of imagination and lack of space to store a lot of trinkets, always with the excuse that one day I will need it.I have so many wool and threads that I keep in transparent boxes separated by colors. I have wool skeins stored more than ten years ago.

But these days my sister told me that the women in her condo make crocheted crocheted squares to make quilts for needy people. Pay attention to what a great idea. Each one knits a square of the color and model you wish, but all the same size, previously combined between them. In their spare hours, each one does as much as she can crochet. In the end they come together, put these squares together, and make a quilt to give to poor families.

How to Make Crocodile Stitch Granny Square por Craftsdoityourself

Another Wonderful Square Type! This unfortunately I do not have the most video tutorial you can find in Ravelry

Video tutorial very well explained by the Video Crocodile Stitch Granny Square

This pattern is only found in Ravelry. Very simple to do is quick and easy! This square is no longer free. You can buy it in Ravelry the link is in the description.

>> Download Pattern by – Joyce Lewis on Ravelry  

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