Crochet converse slippers Free Pattern

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There is no doubt about the comfort of the slippers, but if you think the shoes too simple, one option is to bet on the models of slippers decorated in crochet to leave the most valued piece, and best of all – exclusive; After all, since work is manual it is difficult to find someone who has a piece exactly the same as yours.

So you can create incredible looks and full of charm! If you chose a colorful slipper, a bet is to make an additional one on the side with a beautiful flower, which will bring the natural color and color of the footwear. In this model, this idea was the choice, and for this we will make a beautiful flower in pink of varied size that fill a good space on the side. In this proposal, the idea was to create a more neutral model and to emphasize the predominance of the flower for the decorated slipper.

The pink flower can be made separately and only apply on the shoes. Here the proposal was to use a model of ordinary slipper, but the embroidery gave new face to the footwear, since the flower will superimpose on the footwear, and form a drawing on the foot, valuing the piece and leaving the shoe more tidy for a look special.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet converse slippers Free Pattern

The decorated slippers have been getting higher and higher. People look for crafts, ways to customize an ordinary piece, which with simple measures become differentiated pieces. It is very common to find crafts of beads in slippers, in addition to other variations of decorations, such as embroidery, application of stones, crochet and etc.

The tip we brought you is how to decorate a slipper using the crochet technique. Check out the step by step and learn how to make this beautiful piece.

✄ Material To Decorate Crochet Slipper

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