Crochet Doily Rug (Video Tutorial)

A manual technique with centuries of tradition, crochet has French origin and is always reinventing itself in new pieces and styles.Crochet can be used in any room of the house, but the kitchen gains extra charm by betting on a beautiful crochet rug to complete the decor.

For those who love crafts, this is a good opportunity to let creativity flow. Here is a selection of models of crochet kitchen rugFor living rooms and bedrooms, crochet (or string) rugs can be larger and more eye-catching, adding a special touch to decor.

For the kitchen, the treadmill model is quite successful in following the sink. For the bathroom, 3-piece crochet sets are the most common. This type of rug can also be used outdoors such as at the front door of the house or apartment. The half moon model fits this location well.

Regardless of the model you choose or where the crochet rug is, it certainly adds a special touch to the environment. Being a handicraft, it gives charm and warmth, and the possibility of being a memory of someone dear, as many women present their friends and family with this type of craft.

String rugs are a worldwide passion, a beautiful decoration for any environment. These types of crochet rug can be made by yourself as they are very cheap and easy for those who enjoy this hobby, just like other crochet crafts.
This craft of carpets is an excellent opportunity for those who need to supplement the income of the home.There are many advantages to purchasing crochet rugs such as ease of washing and drying. Crochet rugs come in many shapes, colors and sizes and the pieces fit in any environment.

Crochet rugs are perfect for living room, dining room, lobby, balcony, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, twine rugs are not outdated, they are very modern and elegant.

 As the kitchen is the coolest floor, the crochet kitchen rug gives more thermal comfort to those who walk around. Crochet is a material that also has the power to make rooms more cozy.

 In addition, the kitchen is a place that often gets wet or easily soiled, so a kitchen crochet rug set may also be useful for these purposes.

Video on patterns


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