Learn To Make Crochet Shawl

For those who do not have much skill in knitting or crochet work, starting with a desginer shawl as this is a good option, brings you who has this difficulty a technique that will make learning easier.

With the method done and explained in the video will allow you to make numerous beautiful pieces, such as: rugs, shawls, blankets for babies, scarves, sweaters and other so many that your imagination can reach. They are works that can be made with wool, threads and string.

Pieces that you can create and with creative accessories, transform into incredible ideals. This beautiful triangular shawl we will share made by the artisan Lidia Crochet Tricot, was a work done with line, but if you wish to make the piece with wool is also very beautiful and for the winter will be a great option.

Let’s Learn how to make crochet shawl with embossing?


The video is of French language, but it is very well explained, Just you put the subtitles in English

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The colors for this triangular scarf can be made to your liking, as for the accessories use your imagination and your talent to create beautiful ideas.

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