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The garden lighting in the landscaping works with some basic aspects: security, circulation, highlight and sensations. With the advent of electric light, it was possible for man to develop activities at times that were previously only possible under natural sunlight. The first function of lighting for gardens, squares or parks is security, and only after leisure and beauty. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Easy Chevron Crochet Blanket with the tutorial that we separated.

The concept of security varies according to the landscaping project, but in this sense, security means improving visibility and minimizing the risks of accidents, violence, robberies and invasions. The appropriate garden lighting is part of a special care to avoid unnecessary excesses that can overload the decoration, because the ‘well lit’ is not just the amount of light, but the creativity and quality of the project.

Lighting up all the plants in the garden is not a good idea. The decision depends on a good dialogue with the project’s landscaper or responsible for the lighting design of your home. It is important to emphasize that garden lighting is definitely not one of the last points to be studied in the execution of your work.

What happens is that the acquisition of lighting materials is done at the end of the work, but the definition of all points in garden lighting must be done at the beginning so that they are properly installed and the corresponding electric charge is calculated and dimensioned, to avoid overload and electrical accidents that will ruin your lighting.

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Basically, when defining garden lighting, the landscape designer must pay attention to: Circulation: provide adequate lighting for pedestrians and vehicles to circulate throughout the garden, including the pergola, if you have one in your project or in your home. Position the luminaires in such a way that their luminosity does not obscure the view of those who pass by.

Security: ensuring good lighting when accessing the space, making it difficult for strangers to enter external and private areas, garden lighting also prevents the growth of some plants from generating very dark places or hiding places that thieves or invaders can use. Aesthetics: the best garden lighting should be subtle, making some plants seen only in silhouette and others directly focused.

Side lighting better emphasizes texture and shape, while focused garden lighting tends to flatten and dilute the surface. Bottom-up lighting also values ​​the drama, verticality and texture of the environment in which it is being used. Economy: rationing has not yet been made official, but it is valid to project aiming at energy savings through the use of more economical lamps and the correct choice of places that received garden lighting.

Avoid incandescent lamps, as they emit more heat and consume more energy, which is not a good thing. Work with different circuits so you can control the effects of light and electricity consumption. To conclude some small garden lighting tips: In a small garden, we must restrict the lighting to a specific detail, such as a fountain, sculpture, or special plant.

To illuminate flowers in which the color is to be highlighted, lamps with good IRC (color rendering index) are recommended; It is recommended to use colors only in specific situations: entertainment or commercial environments. Now that he knows this, he is ready to start lighting up the room.

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