Sleepy Dragon Pattern

You have probably seen little crochet dolls that are a trend in children’s decoration, sometimes even among adults. The name of these cuties is amigurumi, which in Japanese means crochet animals.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the cute crochet animals that are the latest fashion here, the Amigurumi is of Japanese origin, meaning crochet stuffed animals, is a craft technique that is capable of creating various animals, as well as stars, flowers , dolls among so many other things making use of few materials.

Amigurumis are like pieces of felt or plush, covered by a handmade crochet blanket. At first glance it may seem like a complicated job, but like everything else in life, it takes a little bit of persistence and a lot of practice to reach perfection.

If you already have some experience with crochet or knitting, surely you will be easier to make the animals. In this post, we will solve all doubts and teach you how to make amigurumi.

Before you start talking about the techniques and materials needed to make amigurumi, you need to know that your first few pieces will probably not go as well as desired. It is natural that the first few times you get lost in the dots and the doll gets a little crooked but, persevere it will be all right.

Never despair because this is very common, especially when it comes to crochet, and over time you will become more skillful and fast with the needles. And you absolutely will not regret it, after all, the amigurumis are beautiful pieces that can give you a nice little grain at the end of the month.

The most common crochet stitch for crocheting is the little crochet stitch if you have ever crocheted in your life, you know this is one of the simplest stitches to make, and as it is like a braid of hair, it becomes a crochet stitch. Ideal for beginners.

Now that you know what you need to have before you start making your amigurumi, what do you think about some tutorials with the technique step by step? It’s much easier to start with those who already know what you’re doing

Go To Patterns / Fierce or Sleepy Dragon

Being used as both decorative objects and children’s toys, amigurumis generally mimic animal or human forms. They are handmade, in a craft work that involves persistence and a lot of creativity.


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