Gothic Square Pattern

Practical and economical, decor with LED light is also sustainable, because in addition to saving energy, this type of light lasts ten times longer than ordinary lights. But be careful, do not go installing any type of light, choose brands recognized by INMETRO or even imported from countries, such as Australia, Germany and the United States, as these demand high quality standards. Imported lamps, or even from recognized brands, have a different price from the others, however, energy savings and greater durability soon cover this difference in price. In this post you can see more about it and also learn how to make a beautiful Gothic Square Pattern.

There are several subtle options for using LED lights, they can be applied at the head of the bed, behind the curtain, under the furniture, in the plaster finish, the molding and more, they will give an incredible touch wherever they are used. Just use your imagination and dose creativity, as excesses can compromise the decor.

The lights can also replace the bedroom luminaire, the conventional lights used in the chandeliers and in the case of the ceiling, the ideal is to use the LED strip (with your preferred color so that you can give your decoration a touch).


Free Pattern Available: Gothic Square Pattern

But do not forget to put this tape in and install a circuit breaker, as it is not recommended to make a direct connection. Whether in the bedroom, living room, balcony, bathroom or kitchen, this light makes a difference and makes an impact on visitors, in addition to leaving a beautiful modern touch to the environment. The installation of LED light on the ceiling of your bathroom gives a special charm to the room, especially if the floor tone is light (this will contribute to greater lighting).

Create an intimate atmosphere in your kitchen. Both in the kitchen and in the dining room, the LED light leaves its mark. Giving more light to the environment and making everything more beautiful. The lights can be installed under the table, behind pictures, cabinets, curtains and as mentioned earlier, on the ceiling. The balcony of the house already has natural light during the day. However, at night, this concept of sustainable decoration can add value to the environment, printing style and saving energy.

The gourmet space is also decorated with LED light and in houses with pools, LED light can and should be applied, especially in the blue tone that will reflect in the pool to leave a special and different touch to the pool. If you are in doubt as to the shade of the LED light to be applied? Choose the colors, warm white (3000 k) and cold white (5700 k). The RBG must alternate between green, blue and red.

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