Granny Square Zipper

The curtains personalize the decor of your home and make the environment more cozy. There are very functional curtain models that allow air currents to enter the room without disturbing the sun’s rays. However, what will limit the entry of sunlight is the color and design of the curtain. The choice of the curtain model is essential to print the style and personality of the residents. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Granny Square Zipper.

A fundamental point when choosing curtain models is its purpose, whether to generate visual comfort, to have more privacy or even to harmonize the decoration, so pay attention to that. What are your needs? There are several models of curtain – with rail or rod support, Roman curtain, roller curtain and blinds. The colors also vary from the warmest tones to the pastel tones.

The important thing is to choose the curtain models that best match your style, so that the place looks like you. To make the right choice of curtain models it is necessary to evaluate the size of the space, the colors of the walls, the furniture, the decoration and the size of the window.

Free Pattern Available: Granny Square Zipper

Easy to install, very practical and modern, the curtain rods can be applied in different environments, which helps you a lot. In the decoration of this room a clean model of curtain with rod was used. In addition to privacy, it also makes the environment more cozy. Curtain with rail. More versatile, the rail curtain models also make the environment more pleasant and enhance the decoration.

However, the application is more complex and in some cases they need the help of a professional, so go ahead and think about it. The curtain with transparent fabric rail adds harmony and sophistication to the environment. The detail of the trail is camouflaged in the lining, a detail that makes the decoration more organized. The various types of fabrics allow different light effects – transparent, blackouts, translucent, bolder with stripes, classic and children’s designs.

This curtain model leaves the most modern and sophisticated environment and blends perfectly with the striped sofa model. The combination of curtain and blinds adds a touch of modernity to the environment and makes it more beautiful. On the one hand the functionality and practicality of the blind and on the other the beauty of the curtains. Perfect combination for those who want to escape the sameness.

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