How to Crochet 3D Flower Baby Blanket.

Learn how to take the step by step crochet blanket to give away in a baby shower. This beautiful blanket made from wool is a great choice to cover the baby on the way out of the maternity ward. Flowers add happiness to a baby blanket in winter and brings smiles of love when received in a colorful bouquet. The Pdf pattern can be found in ETSY.

If crochet flowers are your forte, decorating everyday items with these embellishments will add interest to the boring basic items. Add a rose to the corner of a blanket of a baby stroller. Turn a rug into a decorative accessory that is practical and beautiful, with some quick points of your needle and thread. One of the things I like to do in crochet is the old and good squares, which we are mending to create wonderful pieces, which can be blankets, coats, cushions and whatever else the imagination commands. With a basic square we can play with colors and create unique designs, even if the motifs repeat themselves. The basic square (or Granny square) is represented in the graph below:


1) Place the flowers on the blanket in a position you like. When you are satisfied with the layout, fix the flowers in place using a pin passed through each flower.

2) Pass the sewing needle with a line in the color that matches the color of the flower and tie a knot at the end.

3) Make a small dot straight down with 6.35 mm long on the reverse side of the blanket under the flower. Pull the line until it stops at the knot.

4) Insert the needle on the wrong side of the blanket. Squeeze the center of the flower against the blanket. The line should stand straight through the center of the flower and should be pulled.

5) Referring to Fig.

Insert the needle back through the flower to the right of the center. Push through the flower and back through the blanket.

6) Make your next points on the edge of each of the petals of the flower. Each petal will be attached with a point, first through the blanket and the petal, and then back through the petal and the blanket. Pull the remaining line after making each point.

7) Work around each petal until the flower is well secured.

8) Referring to Fig.

Create a simple node with your last point. Make a small straight stitch of 6.35 mm long on the reverse side of the blanket under the flower. Do not pull on the leftover yarn, but pull it through the half-length blanket that will be on the right side of the stitch and half the left side. The two sides of the line will become the ends that you will tie together.

9) Referring to Fig.

Place a piece of thread on the needle and tie the ends of the thread together twice to form a knot.

10) Cut the ends near the knot.

Full Instructions Pattern Free (Ravelry).

If you need to use the table with all the symbols and languages

>>Video Tutorial 3D flower granny square blanket<<

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