Love Pink Blanket

Currently, with technological advances and the new concept of receiving friends at home, TV rooms have come to occupy a prominent place in homes. That old TV room, reserved and preserved only for the family, was left behind, giving way to an environment integrated with the living room and even with the balconies and gourmet kitchens. Chatting or cooking with friends, we can listen to music, watch videos, movies and games. In this post you can learn how to make a lovely Love Pink Blanket.

TV sets and accessories are increasingly accessible, bigger and more powerful today, needing space and beauty to share and enjoy them better on a daily basis. Good planning is important to make rooms more cozy, functional, spacious and above all comfortable for everyone.

Be it small or large, inside or outside the living room, on the balcony or near the kitchen. To know how to decorate the TV rooms, let’s go to some tips that we separated:

Image By: Salena Baca

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1- Circulation is an important factor in TV rooms. It is necessary to leave a free space so that we can lie down, pass, sit and feel at ease in the environment we set up. 2- Furniture – only the essentials, such as a sofa, if it fits with a chaise is delicious, comfortable pillows, rack for equipment and accessories, a beautiful panel for TV or covering for the TV that will be the center of attention, a table or puff support and the rug that can not be missing to give the final coziness that the environment requires.

2- Beautiful panels and differentiated coverings behind the TV are welcome to help you with this. This wall is the highlight of the TV rooms, but I advise you not to dare too much in colors or shelves with many accessories so as not to distract from what you watch on television. 3- Colors – to make the environment more cozy, the ideal are warm colors like brown, fendi, navy, among others. But, if you prefer accent colors, put it on a wall other than the TV. The wall behind the sofa may be a good choice.

4- Curtains and rugs – are more than welcome. Both for the cosiness of the room and for the acoustics. Comfortable high-pile rugs are ideal and fabric curtains are best for your living room. Whenever necessary with a blackout behind to leave the room dark. 5- The lighting must also be well thought out and flexible for all the needs of the environment, from watching movies to chatting with friends and family.

The ideal are indirect lights that provide more coziness and a direct light that we can control the intensity with a dimmer. I love making curtains with built-in lighting. It is a bright environment, when necessary, and welcoming for you and whoever else is the room. 6- Sound and video equipment also make a difference. There are many options on the market that serve from a more elaborate project, made with qualified professionals, to simpler yet powerful home theaters.

Image By: Salena Baca

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