Sousplat Citrus Mandala Patterns

The sousplat Citrus Mandala is an idea for decorating the table because it is exotic and goes well with your home’s fruit bowl, but it also works as a dish towel and, changing the line and amount of career, can turn into a rug. Ideally, use a slightly thicker line to firm the piece. The needle should be chosen as indicated by its thread.

Using it as a decoration, Crochet Sousplat is a magnificent accessory that makes your meeting or dinner much more elegant and modern.

It has the functionality of being under the plates and, being a little bigger, also accommodates other tableware such as cutlery, glasses and napkins.

Widely used on commemorative dates such as Thanksgiving, New Year, Easter and etc.
But not only on important dates, Crochet Sousplat Citrus Mandala is also widely used in everyday life. Always an economical way to decorate, the piece makes lunch or dinner more harmonious and elegant.

Because it’s easy to do and affordable, it replaces a large towel or an American game very well.
If you are using a towel, one of the advantages of Crochet Sousplat is that it protects the towel so that no food or liquid falls on the main towel.

Can also be used in conjunction with American games. Remembering that you first put the American game and, on top of it, add Crochet Sousplat to add a special touch to your table decoration.
In short, by spending too little, you can make your table more decorated and beautiful for that special occasion or day to day.

Pdf here to base / Sousplant Mandala Crochet

Remembering that doing Crochet Sousplat does not require much experience in crochet / knitting, but if you are starting out, start with the simplest.
Choose a Crochet Sousplat model that suits you, without many details or with many. After that, pick the color of string you like and do the work.

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