Speed Hook Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Nowadays, developing a photo has become something rare, I say very rare. There are ‘thousands’ of them scattered around, on mobile devices and social networks, at least, right? And look, we’re talking about all kinds of photos. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Speed ​​Hook Blanket.

So why not use them in the decoration to help you? Rather than leaving them stored, you will significantly expose unforgettable moments with friends and family, or even those when a ladybug climbed on your arm and your cell phone is in your hand.

One of the main ways is through frames, like a frame, this makes the photo very beautiful. The tip is in passe-partout, what looks like an internal frame where the photograph or print fits, that the bigger, the more prominence your photo will have.

Remembering that the chosen photos must have the same language of the environment in order not to be confused, with a lot of information and end up overloading the environment. And like any decorative object, they deserve attention when composing. So choose examples that suit you best.

Supported on shelves or furniture, in glass jars, arranged on a kind of clothesline with preachers, or even applied directly to the wall forming a drawing is a very contemporary and fun way to use the photos to decorate.

For those who are from the DIY (Do it Yourself) line, you can put a frame on the clotheslines or use ribbons hanging with hooks from the ceiling, which are also incredible. It looks beautiful! Old photos are not a thing of the past! Used in period frames, you transform a special corner of your home in a special way, giving it a vintage look. Meanwhile, black and white photos provide smoothness and timelessness.

Another less conventional option is to use the pictures printed on pillows, especially in a child’s room, as it personalizes the environment and makes it very beautiful. If you have how to invest, it is worth betting on photographic panels with one or more images, giving a personal touch and work of art to the environment. And of course, adequate lighting will bring sophistication and prominence to the exposed objects.

Free Pattern Available: Speed Hook Blanket

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