Spiral Coaster / Potholder Pattern

Although not ideal, working where you sleep is sometimes an imperative of modern life. And how to reconcile bedroom decor, a more intimate and sometimes more dreamy living environment, with the needs of a “home office”? A question not very easy to be answered. Equating very different functionalities imposes some skills on the designer. And sensitivity so that the two functions blend in harmony. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Spiral Coaster / Potholder Pattern.

A very nice alternative is to put touches of nature in the couple’s bedroom that will become an office to leave the place with a more natural touch. A panel with plants, the use of cheerful colors will help to relax the environment and make it more cozy. It is not always possible to use real plants, so think about the solution of using floral themes in the coverings.

Wallpaper or even a panel lined with fabric can make all the difference in bedroom decor, so keep them in mind. Another very nice feature that works great for decorating longer rooms is to use the bench behind the bed.

Free Pattern Available: Spiral Coaster / Potholder Pattern

It takes on the dual function of table and headboard, in addition to visually separating the workplace, which already helps you in many ways. It is one of the solutions that I classify as wild. If there is a space next to it that can be added to the bedroom decor, another very good solution can be to open walls, as in this corner of the image above. But note that the participation of a qualified professional is necessary to ascertain the feasibility of this felling.

Do not forget to consult ABNT Norm 16.280 before any reform to avoid future problems. Another very creative solution is to take the bench as part of the furniture and highlight it, use your creativity to help you in this project. In other words, if you can’t fight it, let’s join them. They in the case, work. Note that assuming this means taking advantage, thinking of the couple’s bedroom as a hybrid of leisure and work. The bench becomes part of the design in a striking way.

Bolder colors and props complement a more contemporary look. The proposal is to have a nice environment, but don’t you want to dare too much? It’s all right. Remember to sector the work environment, making space for the table or bench in the couple’s room, which will be extremely necessary. Use more traditional colors, but don’t forget to add a touch of color to an element that stands out. Did you see the effect of the colored picture?

It is a striking visual point and breaks the most conservative air in the environment. Did you see how you can make two seemingly contradictory environments without losing beauty and functionality? Working in harmony without de-characterizing the couple’s bedroom as a place of rest and privacy is always great.


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