The Merry Little coaster

At Christmas we have the urge to give all the people we know a gift, but of course there is no budget to support it, and all we have to do is stick to the simple, most original self-made Christmas souvenirs where Everyone is happy to receive.

A simple Christmas souvenir can be made manually and you can reuse various products such as soda cans, plastic cups and lamps, and The Merry Little coaster comes with the purpose of supporting all of these items.

The Merry Little coaster is a simple Christmas gift and a quick, economical and beautiful way to gift your guests because you can customize the gift. You can make simple souvenirs with cellophane bags with bow-tied truffles.

By: Mimzan

There are several simple souvenir options you can make yourself, but go with the finishing and color of the small gifts. An interesting tip is to put on each souvenir a small card with the date and year of the party.

You can also create a themed Christmas according to your personality and taste, for those who like the more traditionally decorated party, a conventional Christmas party option that is a wine or panettone.

But if your style and family are different, you can create a different Christmas gift or with different cultural references. I bet the guests will love it and even you will want to keep some, and you can include all the closest people on your gift list and start making some Merry Little gift coaster in advance to make sure everyone is ready to date.

Merry Little coaster can be made of string, they can be made in crochet and are very practical and quick to make because the thick strand of string helps grow the rug.Not to mention that there are currently several string colors for sale, so you can use your creativity and gift your friends with Merry Little coaster of different colors.

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By: Mimzan

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