The Nomad Fate square Patterns

Crochet thread is a fabric usually made of wool, cotton or acrylic. It is made of wires or layers, twisted together to form a thick rope of material. All information is provided on labels labeled Texture or simply tex and the higher the numbering, the more folds the line will have.

The chosen line can accentuate or camouflage the effect you are trying to create. So always combine a crochet thread with the crochet stitch that will be used.

As a general rule, the more extravagant for a line, the simpler the piece pattern and crochet stitch used. When simpler and smoother for a crochet thread, the more texture and detail of the model appear.

Not to be wrong, Always ask yourself.
What kind of piece will I produce? Scarf, necklace, little shoes, clothes…
What is the style of the piece? Casual, everyday, party…
What crochet stitches will I use? Are these points simpler or more complicated?
It is available for someone’s model, what is the material and weight of the crochet thread indicated by him?

Here are some guidelines:

Soft-thickness crochet thread in a solid color Use these yarns for more complex crochet stitches as they demonstrate your effort in doing the work as The Nomad Fate square features in the included piece.

In general, bent or twisted yarns are sophisticated and classic. Single layer yarns are rustic and relaxed
The advantage of showing work details is to deflect display errors, so check your work periodically so as not to find an error only at the end when a part is ready. Everything has its good side and not so good

Crochet and Novelty Crochet Thread Do not use in complicated work as crochet stitches will not appear, especially on the novelty yarn, and all your effort to do so will be for nothing in return the simple crochet stitches are the Better with these yarns, precisely, the beautiful texture of these yarns is what you want to show.

When working with these crochet threads, remember to count your stitches often because it is easy to lose one stitch or make two stitches in one.

Come on Patterns / The Nomad Fate square 

Work more slowly to avoid breaking yarns. Observe the yarn material to see if the touch it will provide is appropriate for the garment that will be produced, especially when it comes to garments.
Another important point is that this crochet thread is usually to produce more chic and elegant pieces.

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