The Walt Painted Chevron Blanket

Books have always been a source of knowledge and knowledge, bringing all kinds of information to each one. Having a space at home, even if only a little corner of reading, to expose them in your own way impresses your personality in a very unique way. There are countless ways to explore the library, using shelves, bookcases or sideboards. It all depends on how the project was developed and how you will insert the culture in your home. In this post we will see more about this subject and you can learn how to make The Walt Painted Chevron Blanket.

The bookcase is the most classic and traditional alternative of composing a library, it helps a lot and can still be decorated by LEDs and other things. But some technical information is very important. The niches need to be minimal in size for books to be properly accommodated. The ideal height of the niches is 35 cm and the depth is 40 cm.

The size of the niches depends on the shape of the joinery, generally I recommend that they have an average length of 70 cm so that they do not compromise their stability, so pay attention to that.

Free Pattern Available: The Walt Painted Chevron Blanket

When we talk about shelves, the flexibility of arrangement is much greater, it is enough to respect the useful height between them, 35 cm, so pay attention to that. On shelves, the use of bookcases is essential to prevent them from tipping over. Mixing decorative objects of sentimental importance creates a unique effect and enhances the exposure of books.

A very important item to be considered is lighting, in the end it helps a lot. Valuing books is paramount and the best way to do this is to install led strips in the joinery. Everything must be planned in the project, because the electrical installation must be done before assembling the furniture and the joinery. Excessive light in the library is unnecessary.

Prioritize the use of lamps with fabric dome very close to the reading points, so the light invades the space in a tenuous way and allows a pleasant reading in an incredible way. These are just a few examples of how the library can be the best place in the house to stay.

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