Woven Mosaic Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Many people have doubts about using the carpet at home. The rug is a fundamental piece in any decoration, it is a piece that brings warmth to spaces. Coziness is what makes you feel welcomed, to have that desire not to leave the environment. The rug can be used in several spaces, being placed, most of the time, in the living room. In this post we can see more about it and you can make a beautiful Woven Mosaic Blanket.

With a tiled floor (marble or porcelain), wood or even on the burnt cement, the carpet falls very well and helps a lot to decorate. It can also be used in the Home Theater and the Dining Room, depending on the decoration and space proposal. In the past, people opted for carpets in the intimate area of ​​the house.

Today, this custom is no longer used, so carpets in the bedroom are also welcome to help. Then, you can think about the allergy issue. Nowadays, there are a multitude of models made with fabrics and materials that are hypoallergenic, which is great.

On the terrace, carpets can also be used, preferably on terraces with glass closings, so remember this. Another place where this decoration item can be used is in the corridor or hall.

An important detail: if the floor material is very smooth, it is essential to use a non-slip under the carpet so that there are no accidents with slipping. As for the style, it will depend on the project. If the style is contemporary, it is preferable to use something more current. In the case of beach or countryside, you can use something more rustic that refers to these places.

As for size, it is important to check the size and layout of the property, before buying, so that there are no problems. The rug is like clothes, it cannot be big or small, it must be suitable for the furniture layout, so it is important to know the configuration and size of each piece of furniture in the environment before buying the rug.

The rug can be ordered or purchased ready-made, this is up to you. Some stores demonstrate in the space, that is, they take some carpet options and the client or the architect chooses what is best. As for the colors, it will depend a lot on the project.

The most common is to use rugs with more neutral colors, because the rug is a large element, but it is possible to use some graphics, know this. The important thing, in this case, is to think about the whole. Knowing the colors that will be used in the environment is essential to decorate.

Free Pattern Available: Woven Mosaic Blanket

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