Zig-Zag Crochet Chevron Ripple Blanket

In this post you will learn how to make the afghan ripple dot with free patterns the video is very clear and well explained by the Youtube channel Pip Licolne  elementary and of paramount importance for the success of your learning.

First lesson, do not want to start learning crochet using needle and fine lines, this will be your failure. Begin learning by using string # 6 or # 8 (give preference to a good quality string); Is that there are many brands of strings that are so bad that they even have lint of wood entwined in the strings and end up hurting our hands; And the needles must be crochet needles # 4mm or # 4.5mm.

And to help them with the first steps with the ripple point, we separate the main tips in this video for those who are starting their crochet work, and who still do not know where to start: Another little secret does not buy string with a very dark color, The visualization of the dots, buy string with bright colors like green, yellow or even in the raw color.

✄ Well, given these tips let’s start our crochet!

Video Tutorial – Crochet Point Ripple Afghan


CROCHET for BEGINNERS: Tips for those who want to begin to crochet.

➦ Learn how to make the slip point and single point.

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