Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket

Crochet some time ago was just a hobby for grandmas. Today it is recognized as a craft art capable of producing beautiful pieces, in addition to promoting health for those who practice it.

This technique even seems difficult, when we see a beautiful piece like this Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket, but there are foolproof techniques to help you learn crochet, and thus start producing beautiful pieces like this. There are many stories of people who were emotionally ill and after starting to practice crochet they felt much better. People leave the state of inertia due to health problems, to a much healthier and more productive life.

This craft technique, crochet works with concentration, patience and self-esteem, because at the end of each job comes the feeling of capacity and personal fulfillment, in this moment you see how much you are capable.

For all this, people are becoming more and more interested in learning to crochet, in order to become more productive, more emotionally balanced and to increase their income.
The crochet technique seems complicated when you see those works that look more like a work of art. However, there are simple steps to learn crochet and start producing your own pieces.

See now, precious tips on needles and threads: needle sizes for crochet as well as the threads have different thicknesses and sizes, to help beginners the ideal is to start with the thinnest threads and smaller needles.

If crochet is important to you and you have a lot of love for this wonderful art, commit to learn and know more and more, train the stitches a lot with this material and only when you are mastering the technique, change the thickness of the thread and the size of the needle. Keep in mind that the more you practice the faster the work material will change.

The main points of crochet are: the chain (corr), the low point (sl st), very low point (sl) and high point (pa). Knowing the points, their way of execution and their abbreviations are essential to get started. These are fundamental points in the execution of the crochet technique, without them the pieces are not ready, so if you want to learn crochet, you must learn to execute these points.

The abbreviations that make up the crochet charts follow for you: sp (space), p. (period), rep. (repeat), sec. (next) and last. (last).

Practice is fundamental in crochet, as it is in various activities, the more you practice, the faster and more beautiful your work will be, so even before you start producing whatever your goal is, practice a lot, so soon you will be weaving this beautiful blanket (Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket).

With practice in a short time you will master simple points like chain and low point, and will dare with the very low point and high point until you realize that you can execute them quickly and efficiently.

Access the free pattern here : Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket

Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket

Invest time in crochet, as it is an art that you will master for the rest of your life. so, to inspire you, we have separated a wonderful blanket, Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blankets.
In the world crochet is gaining more and more followers, so it is very easy to find several courses on the internet teaching how to master this art. The result is wonderful work and people happy to produce wonderful pieces.

And you, who have already mastered the art of crochet, have certainly experienced mishaps in your career, because just like any role performed, there are days when things are going well and others are not. You have the opportunity to teach to help those who are starting. Those who are starting nothing better than to learn from grandma, from mom or from a dear friend. Look what an opportunity to learn and be inspired by beautiful works done by people so dear.

Following the step by step in the free pattern you will be able to weave this beautiful blanket, Candy Sweet Shell Stitch Blanket, follow some images and colors, and make your piece of the color you like best.

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