Knitting: Mastering Tools, Basic Stitches, and Techniques

Knitting: Mastering Tools, Basic Stitches, and Techniques the perfect ingredients for knitting. A timeless craft that combines creativity and relaxation, has captivated enthusiasts for generations. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced crafter, learning the fundamentals of knitting is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the tools, basic stitches, and techniques required to embark […]

Creating a Precious Moments Baby Quilt

Creating a Precious Moments Baby Quilt is a delightful and straightforward endeavor that brings joy to both the maker and the recipient. To embark on this crafting journey, one can easily find Precious Moments fabric panels, adorned with charming and iconic designs featuring sweet baby motifs. These panels serve as the focal point of the […]

Crochet Snowman – Free Pattern

Hello my loves, welcome to Your Crochet Now. I hope to find you all well, healthy and excited for another week that begins. Yes, we reached December. And let’s agree that it didn’t take that long, at least here it went very quickly. How are the Christmas patterns? If you are anxious like me, you […]

Gingerbread House – Crochet Advent Calendar

Hey dear colleagues, great to see you here. Know that it is a great joy for me to have your company. I’m glad you remember Your Crochet Now when it comes to crafts. That’s why we’re always looking for new models, ideas that you can make in your home, for decoration, gifting, selling. And now, […]

Christmas Baby Sweater – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone, we’re back! And as you can already imagine, we’re here to share another beautiful pattern that you can make in the comfort of your home. Christmas is always a colorful and inspiring time. Let’s take advantage of this wonderful climate that spreads across the city to create beautiful pieces. We talk a lot […]

Mosaic Butterfly Block

Hey everyone! Good to have you here with me once again. It is very good to know that you are looking for us when it comes to handicrafts. We were flattered and motivated to look for new patterns and tips to share around here. I hope you feel our enthusiasm on the other side and […]