Ruffled (REVISED) Shawl/Cape

Ruffled (REVISED) Shawl/Cape is a simple crochet work, but with a delicate and very elegant result that everyone loves. It can be used as a shawl giving a special charm to your look and leaving you with an amazing look. In winter this item is versatile and widely used and that’s why it’s good to […]

Fairy Tail Shawl

Fairy Tail Shawl an amazingly wonderfully designed piece that will help you a lot. Elegant shawl helps to warm up on the coldest winter afternoons when the season is colder especially at night, which makes this piece look great and helps a lot by completing your look and still warming you up. It can also […]

Flower Valley Shawl

Flower Valley Shawl delicate and colorful that will, for sure, give an extra touch to the look making everything more beautiful. The shawl helps to warm up, as the afternoons get colder. Even more so, when the season is changing. However this happens when we leave the climate of heat, for the cold, that a […]

Aunt Lydia’s Bridal Shawl – By Yarnspirations

Aunt Lydia’s Bridal Shawl a beautiful, beautiful and delicate piece for very special occasions or that outing. Sophisticated will give a much more beautiful highlight to any type of look you want to compose. Knowing how to compose different shawls, you can perform the miracle of multiplication in your wardrobe by renewing all the time […]

Sunset Orchid Crochet Shawl

Sunset Orchid Crochet Shawl a special job perfect for those who like to dress well using something beautiful, with a lot of style and charm. Different and colorful, this beautiful crochet project can make you very beautiful and warm you during a beautiful walk, or even a beautiful dinner. This piece is very useful in […]