Crochet a motif blouse

Crochet at home is a dream of many people. In addition to being synonymous with spending relaxing hours in a wonderful activity, almost like a private spa, this activity is also very special. Nowadays there is a range of models and materials for crochet blouses that follow various styles in the fashion world, surely one of them adapts to the project that is for you. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will be able to make a beautiful Crochet blouse with motif.

The size of the blouse is no longer the most important issue, this model looks beautiful in all sizes from smallest to largest, which is incredible, as it is a model that looks beautiful on all women. A blouse with a more modern style, asymmetrical and more fluid lines can be abused, models like this, usually besides being beautiful, are thought for you to be extremely calm and comfortable in any environment you are in, after all they abuse their design and color.

For a more romantic occasion the ideal is to bet on this model of the Victorian type, as it is a charming model that imposes the certain victory of the beauty of the day. Because it is a ‘beautiful’ piece, certainly make you more confident in the environment, this beautiful blouse ends up becoming the pleasant and positive central focus of your environment.

Now, if you really want a beautiful crochet blouse like this, bet on your favorite color, so your blouse is more natural and perfect for you.

Crochet facing a beautiful landscape also helps to forget the daily tasks that always stress us. If space and budget are not limiting factors of your project, bet more on bigger projects, as this model is guaranteed to feel good, in the market there are several models of different sizes and formats, one of them will certainly fit in your project.

In all models, the white blouse reigns as the main choice, regardless of style and environment. In general, this choice depends on your personal taste, whether you like stronger or softer colors, but nothing prevents your project from betting precisely on contrast, using different colors or even materials for your blouse.

The choice of your crochet blouse may have been the way you imagined, but it is good not to neglect the harmony of colors, in case your blouse is made with more than one color, however the important thing is that you like it and feel good .

Now you can make this beautiful blouse – Crochet a motif blouse – with your favorite color, as we have the free pattern for you, success and be happy with your projects.


Access the free pattern here : Crochet a motif blouse

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