Crochet Gown

Crochet Gown that brings a romantic look that only crochet has, allowing several productions with elaborate pieces that arouse the desire of many women for these wonderful pieces. This beautiful dress is a delicate and well-made piece that will result in a beautiful work that will leave you jaw-dropping. Artisan work fills us with joy when we can produce pieces like this. A perfect piece to boost your sales for beauty and elegance.

Crochet dresses are very versatile and can be used with various types of accessories in addition to being focused on fashion and remain high as a trend among women, who love to wear them for various occasions. This is a beautiful model that can be used to compose the look for various types of events, wedding, birthday party, debutante party and more, which helps a lot.

Fashion trend crochet dresses continue to be very successful and it is worth investing in this beautiful model that can be used in events that require elegance and delicacy in dress. Crochet Gown is perfect to put together your look. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you.

You will need:

  • Yarnage- about 380 gram gram of 100 % cotton yarn between 230 and 250 meters in 100 gram (between 250 and 275 yds in 3.5 oz). Such a yarn equals to 8 ply (UK, AU, NZ), DK (US), 3 or Light (standard yarn weight system).
  • crochet hook 3 mm

The entire fabric is worked using only double crochet stitches and chain stitches.

The pattern is a chart. The chart is a set of blocks. Blocks that are filled in will be all double crochet stitches. Blocks that are open will be two chain stitches with a dc on either side.

The filet crochet chart is read from the bottom up. Row 1 is at the bottom of the image.


Odd-numbered rows are worked from right to left but even number rows are worked from left to right. This is important to know when working asymmetrical designs.

The fabric that you’re creating is often called “mesh” or “grid”. Sometimes patterns will refer to open mesh and closed mesh blocks. Open blocks may also be called blank or empty. Filled-in blocks may also be called solid blocks or simply blocks.

Full Pattern With Images: Crochet Gown

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