Crochet Pineapple Gown

An imposing chandelier can be responsible for completely changing the decor of an environment. With chandeliers, the composition can go from minimalist to luxurious, or from modern to romantic with the simple exchange of a piece. It is already known of the importance of lighting in the decoration of the environment. However, in addition to lighting, they are large pieces that can take the space to another decorative level. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Pineapple Gown.

Do you know how to choose and combine your light sources? Check out! They are generally large pieces. Therefore, they are indicated for entrance halls, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms in larger proportions, they help a lot in these environments. Large environments include not only large chandeliers but also multiple lamp nozzles. They can be responsible for lighting large rooms and spaces alone.

For chandeliers with multiple lamps, it is recommended to pay attention to the material of the nozzles, so remember this. Plastic specimens can overheat and melt if exposed to many light sources.

However, those who live in tiny apartments can also use chandeliers in the decoration if they want, opting for smaller items with short wires.


Also pay attention to the quantity of lamps used by these parts. Many light sources in a small environment can result in overheating the space. In some rooms, the pendant can be the ideal source of lighting, replacing the chandeliers.

Because they generate indirect light, chandeliers are indicated for warm and welcoming environments, such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, so keep that in mind. Kitchens and service areas call for direct lighting of pendants and other types of luminaires.

Decorating with chandeliers. Chandeliers can give a special charm to the environment and make it much more beautiful. However, different rooms call for different lighting and pieces. See how each space can be decorated to be even more beautiful. In the dining room it is possible to create a modern decoration by placing chandeliers on the table, following its shape.

That is, if you have a square table, bet on square copies, it will be great. It is recommended that the chandeliers be installed at a minimum distance of one meter from the center of the table. The living room is usually decorated with pieces installed on top of the coffee table or a side table. With crystal chandeliers, you will have a glamorous and luxurious decoration.


Free Pattern Available:  Crochet Pineapple Gown


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