Crochet Raglan Dress

Crochet Raglan Dress, beautiful for hot days, even more, as we are almost entering the summer season, perfect time to wear a beautiful dress with your friends for a nice walk or a picnic. Beautiful for going out in the afternoon with family and friends. This dress is very versatile, light and loose, eventually it fits any occasion, which is great and can help a lot. With little material you will make this piece easily, just follow the tutorial carefully.

Take advantage and use your creativity, above all, the color of your preference to make this dress your own. It is a perfect piece for the summer, and that, certainly, your clients will be maddened by this look that will leave them amazed, you can also do for your friends. So, enjoy and spread the word. So for sure, you will have an extra income at the end of the month.

Very simple to make, and above all, perfect for parties and entertainment, which helps even more making this dress very versatile. Light and loose will bring comfort and will certainly be very charming. With the tutorial well explained you will be able to make this piece in a simple way.

Pattern / Images / Tutorial By: Sierra’s Crafty Creations




5 mm H hook 

5.5 mm I hook

Size 3 cotton (cotton blend) yarn 

(Fair Isle Harbor yarn or Lion Brand Coboo Yarn)

Yardage: This will vary based on how long you make your dress, and what style skirt you choose to create. 


Yarn Needle


Ch 2 does NOT count as a stitch



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