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Hello my loves! We have reached the end of another week. I hope you were able to do the projects you wanted. If everything wasn’t as you’d like, calm down, there’s still time to fix it or start over. Sometimes all we need is to put that project aside for a while, dedicate ourselves to other activities and then come back with everything.

Today we want to show you a new pattern, amazing and colorful. Quilts always arrive to brighten up the atmosphere, I hope Evergrowing Mandala does that for you. The power that crafts have is incredible. Here he arrived to be just a step in time, but he ended up helping me on sadder days. It’s really nice to be able to relax while we sew.

Does this happen to you too? For me, therapy starts when choosing the fabrics and rocking the combinations. For the mandala you need a few different fabrics so that all the details are evident. But since they are small measurements, if you have some scraps lying around, they can be useful.

The evergrowing mandala is a quilt measuring approximately 88″ x 88″. It is a square quilt, so it may not be the most suitable for use on beds. But if you just want a detail, a colorful touch in the decoration of the room, it works very well. People always indicate the quilts that are easy to change, and this is not the case.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Live Art Gallery Fabrics

As it is not made in blocks, to increase it you will have to increase the measurements of all the cuts. If you already have experience quilting, go for it. Always keep the ¼” seam allowances that are already included in the measurements. There’s nothing better than this edge to sew with peace of mind.

The mandala is divided into four repeating blocks. This makes it even easier to get the hang of it and complete the quilt. Wassup let’s get started? Come check out the pattern and, if you have any questions, come talk to us in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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