Flower Cardigan

Flower Cardigan for those who already need new winter items. This beautiful piece is very beautiful and can be used to accompany the child’s various looks on a daily basis, which helps a lot. It is the type of work that can be done with the art of knitting and thus be able to wrap the whole family with creativity and love. And it is always concerned with having new models and options at hand.

The difference is in this beautiful flower used here that gives an extra charm to this piece, making it very beautiful. This jacket is perfect for the girl to accompany her mother on that special tour, where she felt well dressed and looked like her.

Comfortable, this cardigan is ideal for days that start to get cold, especially during the afternoon and morning, when you always need one of these. The colors are at your discretion the one that best matches the girl’s wardrobe.

This beautiful piece can be made in the most diverse colors and thus be a beautiful option to present to your customers, making it very successful and leaving everyone amazed. During the hot or cold season it is important to be prepared with news to please your customers and increase your monthly income.

This piece is delicate and very beautiful, it is worth investing in this work, as it will surely be a success among your clients. Flower Cardigan, perfect to use in days of mild temperature. And it can be done quickly because it is simple and with easy stitches. Simple to be done gives a touch of elegance to any look.

Perfect for the stroll in the late afternoon with parents on the coldest days. The cardigan helps to compose your look with several pieces: skirts, shorts, jeans, dress and leggings. To be harmonious, combine it with the rest of the look in order to keep the silhouette in focus without looking bigger, remember this tip.

Free Pattern Available: Flower Cardigan

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