Mosaic Butterfly Block

Hey everyone! Good to have you here with me once again. It is very good to know that you are looking for us when it comes to handicrafts. We were flattered and motivated to look for new patterns and tips to share around here. I hope you feel our enthusiasm on the other side and stay with us until the end.

I know that everyone who comes to us has an idea in mind and we try to go through the different techniques so that everyone can take advantage of it. And thinking of those who are passionate about sewing, we want to show you the Mosaic Butterfly Block. This butterfly is very beautiful and simple to make.

Much of the charm comes from the choice of fabrics. Most of the models we see are a combination of prints with fabrics in colors from the same palette. This makes it much easier to choose, even more so if you are a beginner and feel a little insecure.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Bee Sew Inspired

For those who already have more practice and are used to keeping the scraps that are left, you should already have the necessary amount right there. This is a small block, 10″x10″. You can match it to some decorations because it is a colorful design that fits in many environments.

So, do you already know what you will need to do the mosaic butterfly? Here is the list of materials: marking pencil, scissors, ruler, rotary cutter and mat, iron and ironing board. Those last two make a lot of difference. A well-pressed, smooth fabric is easier to mark and cut. Don’t forget to make the markings on the reverse side of the fabric.

But before all that, read the pattern a first time carefully. Make sure you understand all the steps and only then move on to choosing the materials and start step by step. Doubts? We are here reading the comments and we can help you.

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