Purifying Puritans Square and Blanket

That Cool !!! Once again I can talk to you about crochet, an art that we love, more than that we love, and if we love what we do, we do it with love and the works come out wonderful, admirable, like this beautiful Purifying Puritans Square and Blanket frame. Let’s talk a little bit today about the points and their acronyms.

Important for those who do crochet, because the cool thing is that crocheting is a unique opportunity to unwind, relax, produce beautiful pieces and, as if that weren’t enough, you can still get extra money a month. But for those who are just starting out, crochet really seems to be very complex, with all those stitches and graphics.

An important tip for those who are starting to crochet, the first thing you need to do as a beginner is to unravel this whole universe that involves crochet. There are many things to learn before you even make the first loop with the needle. But not for reasons to panic, because with the right tips and information you will master crochet sooner than you think. Nowadays we have easy and quick access to instructions and information on crochet basic crochet for beginners and beautiful inspirations in photos so you can already plan what to do as soon as you have the needles in your hands.

The needle your main work tool will be found in different types of needle that vary in color, size and material. As for the color of the material, it has to be your taste, so the result will be better and perfect for you. We have at your disposal various types of material, metal, aluminum, wood, plastic and rubberized needles. Attention!!! What will directly interfere with the final result of the part being produced is the size of the needle. Basically the needles vary between 0.5 mm – the thinnest – up to 10 mm – the thickest. In order to be easy to understand, in general, a fine needle should be used with a fine thread and to produce closed stitches. The thick needle, in turn, must be used with a thick thread to produce open stitches.


Another important tip for those who are starting, the most recommended is to use a fine needle with a fine thread or a thick needle with a fine thread, in this case only until you acquire more firmness to make the stitches.

Speaking a little of the threads, in this case the variety is even greater and just as there are different types of needle, there are also different types of threads. The most common and used are wool and cotton as well as string, can also be used. The thicker line is ideal for the production of pieces that require to be firmer and more resistant. A good example is the carpets that need to be more resistant. To facilitate the visualization of the stitches, it is ideal for you who are starting to choose the lines with more tones clear, another important tip that will help you in your first jobs.

We talked about needles and threads, now let’s see some basic points and abbreviations to help you in the conduction of your projects.
Correntinha (Corr) is the most basic point of crochet that you will use in almost all types of crochet work. See the importance of this point, so it is essential that you train a lot with it, not to mention that this is the simplest point to be done as well. The abbreviation for the point Correntinha is (Corr), and because it is important that you know the abbreviations, because you will see these abbreviations in every type of graphic and crochet tutorial.

The very low stitch (Pbx) is similar to the Correntinha stitch (Corr), just as important and although it is not a visible stitch it is very important to finish the pieces, make ends, edges and join rows. It has a way of being done very similar to Correntinha (Corr) and its abbreviation for Ponto Baixíssimo is (Pbx).

The Low Point (Pb) is used in pieces that need to be firmer, such as rugs, for example. This type of stitch has the most closed weave and the abbreviation for Low Stitch is (Pb).

The crochet charts are advisable to use only after you have already achieved greater affinity with the threads and needles. The graphics serve as a guide that will help you to produce a particular piece from scratch and the symbols expressed in them.

These are some simple but very important crochet tips to get you started developing your skills. Check out this beautiful crochet square Purifying Puritans Square and Blanket, with free pattern, just follow the pattern step by step and put into practice some points mentioned here in this matter.

Free Pattern Available:  Purifying Puritans Square and Blanket

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