Small Rainbow Square

Small Rainbow Square an amazing piece that i’m sure you’re gonna love, it can compose a lot of pieces, such as quilts, table runners, blouses, etc. A beautiful work that draws attention and in the most diverse types of designs has been a great success and helps everyone with composing pieces. This is a crochet that can be made with ease and that when putting the pieces together gives a very beautiful and incredibly charming result. This type of work is highly valued because it requires dedication and patience when making the pieces.

This recipe is simple and has a very beautiful result of the squares, you will love this amazing piece, believe me. This type of piece aways helps us with a lot of things. Beautiful square with colorful and delicate details that draw attention to their beauty and delicacy that everyone loves. The blanket and quilts made of squares are increasingly drawing attention to their beauty and making a great success in craft sales today, everyone loves them.

In general, these square have a design in the center that helps to give a special style to the work that you will love and that will delight everyone. It can seem difficult when looking at work, we know that. But, with dedication, you will be able to create beautiful pieces using this incredible technique.

Small Rainbow Square

Pattern/Tutorial/Images: Cute Crochet Makes

For Christmas I made my daughter this different version of the Unicorn Dreams Blanket. (The original Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL is further down the page). This time I added Fondant (dark pink) into the color palette and some gold thread. This blanket has only 14 bobble hearts and I made her name in bobble stitch (I’ve put the letter patterns below).

Here are some of the alterations. I made to the original blanket.

2 heart balloons squares but on the one square I arranged the hearts into a fan shape.

2 cloud squares but I added an extra round of SC edging.

2 ice cream squares in different colours.

Sleeping unicorn square in Fondant.

Purple Rose square in rainbow colours.

I added new designs – more unicorns, moon, shooting star, sweets, ice cream, lollipop, kite, party rings and a rainbow flower.

I joined with the same flat braid join as the original blanket.

For the border I did one round of candy floss HDC. Then the stripes as in the original only 4 rounds. (fondant, candyfloss, white, candyfloss).

the edging I use fondant and did *(SLST, CH3, SC), skip a ST and repeat * around giving a gentle picot border.

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Small Rainbow Square a beautiful square incredibly beautiful and stylish that will make your piece very beautiful and stylish for sale and even for gifting someone! You will love the result of this piece and it will be great for putting together various projects. This beautiful project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one as well, which will help you a lot.

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