Sparkle Quilt

Sparkle Quilt, the perfect piece that was missing in your decor to help you harmonize it and to warm you up at night too. In the bedroom decor, this quilt can leave a creative and stylish atmosphere, but it also has a romantic tone. It’s worth making pieces of this type that make us proud of our craftsmanship skills we use. An exceptional quilt for you to use to complete your decor in an amazing way that everyone will love, I’m sure you’ll love this piece.

The colors of your quilt are up to you, I know you can do it. Your fabric can be chosen following the colors of your environment. Practicing this type of quilt leaves the house always well prepared to receive your family and friends, which is great and helps a lot. It is an excellent product option for sales as it is a differentiated piece that requires time to be made.

When doing your job, you should have doubts about the best way to do a perfect job, and these doubts will certainly get in your way. But with patience, love and affection it is possible to make amazing pieces. The quilt is the type of work that, despite being relatively easy, can require a little more patience when composing the piece.

Sparkle Quilt

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Sew Can She

3 1/2 yards of print fabric (I used 8 purple fabrics and 6 orange fabrics – 1/4 yard of each – fat quarters will not work)

1 3/4 yards of background fabric (I used solid off-white)

1/2 yard fabric for binding

4 yards fabric for backing (more fabric may be required for directional prints or matching the pattern)


  1. From the print fabric, cut 14 strips that are 8 3/4” x 40” (the fabric width). Use Template A (the rhombus) to cut 3 pieces from each strip until you have 40 pieces.

Note: If you want to have alternating colors of zig zags (like my quilt), cut 24 of one color and 16 of a second color.

  1. From the background fabric, cut 7 strips that are also 8 3/4” tall. Use Template B (the triangle) to cut 7 pieces from each strip until you have 48 triangles.

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Sparkle Quilt, if you’re planning to give your home a boost maybe this piece can help you, believe me, it will complement your decor and change the way your room looks, you’ll love it. This beautiful Project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one as well, which will help you a lot.

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