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Summer Crochet Blouse

Having a bathtub at home is a dream of many people. In addition to being synonymous with spending relaxing hours in the bath, almost like having a private spa, the bathroom decor is also very special. Nowadays there is a range of models and bath materials that follow various styles of decoration, surely one of them fits the project you have at home. In this post we will see more about this subject and you can make a beautiful Summer Crochet Blouse.

The size of the room is no longer the most important issue, now even the smallest spaces can have a bathtub as an integral part, which is incredible. In a more modern decoration, you can abuse asymmetrical and more fluid lines, models like this, usually besides being beautiful, are thought for you to be extremely relaxed inside the bathtub, after all they abuse the ergonomics in its design.

For a more romantic decoration the ideal is to bet on models of the Victorian type, it is the bathtubs popularly known as ‘standing bathtub’ which are also very beautiful. As it is a piece that is ‘separate’ from the rest of the environment, this type of bathtub ends up becoming the central focus of the decoration of your environment.

But if you really want an immersion in your private SPA, bet on a decoration with natural elements such as wood, plants and earth tones, and a bathtub with simple lines that do not contrast with the rusticity of the space to help you.

Leaving the bathtub in a position facing a beautiful landscape also helps when forgetting the daily tasks that always stress us. If space and budget are not limiting factors in your project, bet on a hot tub, with several water jets this model is a guarantee of relaxation, in the market there are several models of different sizes and shapes, one of them can certainly fit your project.

In all environments, white crockery reigns as the main choice, regardless of the decorating style of the environment. In general, this choice follows the color palette of other dishes in the environment, such as a vase and sink basins, however nothing prevents your decoration project from betting precisely on contrast, using different colors or even materials for the bathtub.

The decoration of your bathroom may have been the way you imagined, but it is good not to neglect safety, in the case of bathrooms frequented by children or the elderly mainly, if your bathtub model is not slip resistant, bet on small stickers that you have this purpose in order to avoid accidental slips and falls in your bathroom.

Free Pattern Available: Summer Crochet Blouse

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