Two Triangle Crochet Baby Blanket

A good Interior Architecture project cannot exist without a good lighting design. Lighting is not isolated, it is part of the surroundings. We have two main sources of light, natural and artificial, everything will depend on the use for each space. There are several types of lighting that we can explore in architecture: general, punctual, direct, semi-direct, indirect and diffuse lighting. Each has its particularity, according to its function, which is why it is important when choosing the right one to meet your needs. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Two Triangle Crochet Baby Blanket.

A feature widely used in architecture is the use of plaster, which allows us to create decorative effects with light, leaving the environment with an incredible tone. As we can see in this project, plaster was used to separate the spaces, with three types of lighting: general, indirect and directional.

In the plaster molding, indirect lighting creating decorative effects and valuing the space in an incredible way. In the central chandelier, general lighting and on the sides, directional lighting. It is important to never forget to mix natural and artificial light during the day.

In a cozy space, we should make use of the warm color temperature, which conveys calm and warmth, in this project we use the warm white color, all the lighting in lamps and led strips, which are widely used today.

Free Pattern Available: Two Triangle Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

The led provides cleaner lighting, in addition to the advantages we already know, does not heat up when directed. The warm color is widely used in bedrooms, dining / living room, balconies, reception, hall, toilet, that is, in places where tranquility and comfort are desired. Cold color temperatures are more used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, offices, as they transmit more clarity.

In the furniture we managed to create more targeted effects, using the led strips, which makes the furniture more modern and contemporary and adds a more interesting touch to the decor. Some important factors when choosing the type of lighting: Never use cold colors in crystal chandeliers, as we will not have the desired effect.

Take care of the height of the pendant, especially at the dinner table, always above the line of the observer. Correctly dimensioning the luminaires according to the space, this is very important. Hire specialized labor. Use appropriate colors for each space. Do not place sconces and lamps in bright light near mirrors, as this may cause glare.

Remember: Proper lighting should be planned, taking into account the activity performed and the function. Lighting must be versatile and functional, bringing together several tasks in the same place. Lighting has the role of pleasing beautifying the eyes, calming the mind and bringing comfort to the soul, that’s why it is so important.

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