Blooming Lotus Square – Crochet Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Looking for a crochet pattern to make this weekend? Here’s a beautiful idea, full of charm and that can be very interesting for you to use in the decoration of environments. Blooming Lotus square is a very pretty flower, a pattern full of charm that will win you over at first glance. The pattern gains much more prominence when we use colorful and vibrant colors, each layer of the flower is even more evident.

With this pattern you can create many different pieces. You can use it as a pillow cover. We are sure that this flower will bring a lot of prominence in your decor, it catches everyone’s attention. In addition to making the blooming lotus square, you can use the flower pattern to apply it to other pieces. You can use it on rugs, coats, scarves and blankets.

You can use the crochet in the decoration of environments. Before, it was seen as an older, retro craft. Today we have very beautiful pieces, which match the decoration of modern environments. And more and more young people are interested in this craft, which often starts as a hobby and can become a profession.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sisters in Stitch

If you still don’t crochet but want to start, this may not be the most suitable pattern. Stitches and overlays may require a little more technique from the artisan. But don’t think of it as an impediment, with practice you’ll soon be able to do this pattern too. As for yarns, always choose the ones you like the most, as well as the colors.

At first you may have doubts when choosing, so the pattern has indications that may be useful to you. The blooming lotus square is available at Sisters in Stitch. In addition to the written step by step, you can learn through the video tutorial, available also on the page. So you can go back and watch the part you have doubts about as many times as you want.

We hope you like it and have fun making this beautiful pattern. May it be inspiration to continue making beautiful crafts. May you have a great weekend, surrounded by the people you love. Soon we’ll be back with more beautiful patterns to make together!

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