Ladybug Baby Cocoon – Crochet Free Pattern

Hello loves! Let’s start the week with a lot of cuteness, making our little ones cozy and charming. The ladybug baby cocoon is perfect for newborns. It’s a perfect gift for friends who are pregnant, for baby showers, and an item that sells really well. Crochet clothes are always among the favorites of moms. They are malleable, soft and don’t bother the baby, they don’t restrict the movement of the little ones.

With the ladybug baby cocoon it couldn’t be different. Leaves the little ones cozy and warm, with the feeling of a lap. As much as it is red because of the ladybug, you can make it any color you like. Make tones that match the decor of the room, with the baby’s layette. You can add details too, like the black polka dots in the pattern.

You neeed to make sure the details are sewn together, babies are unpredictable. Remember that the piece is for babies, so the details cannot be sharp or hurt the little ones. When choosing yarns, you need to remember that the piece are for babies. Babies have more sensitive skin and are more easily irritated. Choose yarns that are very soft, preferably hypoallergenic. Nowadays we have many options in stores, ask the attendant for help if you have any questions.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

In the pattern you will also find yarn suggestion, don’t worry. The pattern is simple, as are the stitches. You will work the body in continuous rounds. The ladybug baby cocoon pattern is available in Yarnspiration with all the step by step, the abbreviations to understand the stitches and the suggestions. Do it little by little, practice a little each day.

This way you will evolve, learning to understand the patterns better and becoming more proficient in crocheting. Baby pieces also sell very well, it’s always nice to have new models to offer. Comment here what you think. We are always anxious to receive your feedback. Now that everything is here, shall we start crocheting?

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