Circle of Fun – Mini Quilt Pattern

Mini quilts are great options to use in decorating various environments in your home, that’s why we brought you the Circle of Fun. This pattern is very beautiful and you can use it as a wall decoration, centerpiece, placemat. You can even adapt it, make it longer and build a tablerunner.

The cuts are not difficult, most are straight cut. Rounded cuts are easier if you use a rotary cutter. There are two formats you will need to assemble the entire quilt. The prints chosen to assemble the pattern are very delicate. If you don’t like prints and want to do it with plain colored fabrics, the result will be the same.

Colors and prints are very personal and depend on the environment in which you are going to place them. So, choose according to what you prefer. Wash all fabrics before starting to cut. This way you remove excess ink from fabrics and prevent them from staining the garment in the first wash. Iron the fabrics too, it will make it much easier when you cut, as the fabric will be straight.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Tea Rose Home

In the pattern, in addition to the step by step, necessary materials and fabric suggestions, you will find the template in pdf. You can print and make the mold in plastic, so they last longer and you don’t run the risk of cutting the mold along with the fabric. It is so much easier and quicker to use those templates and cut out the shapes with small rotary cutter.

You can also trace the template onto the fabric and cut them out with scissors if you prefer. Once finished, your mini quilt will be approximately 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″. The complete pattern circle of fun is available at Tea Rose Home, with everything you need to complete this piece.

We hope you like this pattern and take the opportunity to create beautiful pieces from this one. Let us know what you liked here in the comments. We are very happy to see you here!

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