So Many Squares – Quilt Pattern

It’s amazing to think that squares of fabrics of different colors form a quilt with such a beautiful pattern, this is the case with So Many Squares. Patchwork is a very old handicraft technique, whose main objective is the use of fabric scraps with different colors and patterns, in the transformation and creation of pieces for personal or decorative use.

You can use the quilt in bedrooms, whether to decorate the bed or an armchair, or to use as a blanket even on the coldest days. For this purpose, choose fabrics and linings that are warmer. For decoration, you can do with thinner fabrics. The choice of fabrics is very personal. If you already know where you want to place the quilt, take into account the colors of the environment, to get a harmonious decoration.

You will notice that the pattern of this quilt is quite large, for a king size bed. Quilts like this are very easy to adapt to sizes. You can shorten the rows, forming a smaller square. It may be that the pattern does not hold. The squares are small and if you are going to decrease them even more, it can be difficult to sew them.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

So cut down one or two rows that won’t interfere with the main quilt pattern. As the name of the quilt says, you will need many. It takes a little more work than quilts that use larger cutouts, but the result makes up for it. This quilt is assembled by lines, so you will follow the colors in the diagram, available in the pattern.

After sewing all the lines, quilt the quilt before starting to sew. So you can notice and fix any mistakes you have, so you don’t have to be unsewing, spending more time and the fabric itself. I’m sure you will love this project.

Here at All People Quilt you will find the complete pattern, with measurements, diagrams, and suggestions. It can be a cumbersome quilt, but it’s not difficult. It’s always great to see you around here, exploring new craft patterns. Soon we’ll be back with another pattern for you to be inspired by.

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