Crochet Granny Vest

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Crochet garments go in and out of fashion all the time, have you noticed? We can keep our wardrobe always up to date. Here you will find some incredible and versatile models, ranging from more casual looks to more elegant ones. Yes, crochet fits these occasions too.

Today we are going to make a third piece, the Crochet Granny Vest. If you are used to the nomenclature and crochet patterns, imagine that for this vest you will need granny squares. Classic models that were created to reuse leftover yarns and make new pieces.

Here it will not be different. You will need at least three squares. Consider the size of the vest. From the pictures, we can see that it is a small size, made for little ones or dolls. If you already have a little more practice, increasing will not be difficult. At the beginning of the pattern you can find some hints that will be very useful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: DIY Fashion Hub

If you have another granny square template, a design that you like better, you can use that too. The important thing is to know how to sew and make the rest of the vest. The stitches are simple and easy to understand. You know those stitches we learned as soon as we started to crochet? These are the ones you will need.

Look at the colors and choose the ones that will highlight the granny squares, they are the main point of your vest. With quality materials and dedication, there’s no way your vest can’t look amazing.

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