Monstera Crochet Pattern

Hello everybody, good to see you here! Yep, a new month has started and we couldn’t be more excited to share new patterns with you. It’s September and here at Your Crochet Now you will find ideas for decoration, clothing, gifts and accessories.

If you, like us, are passionate about crochet and are always looking for new decoration items, monstera is the perfect pattern for you. I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, but I’m terrible at keeping natural plants alive. I end up watering too much or too little and, unfortunately, they don’t last very long.

But a touch of green is needed to bring more life to the environment. That’s why I resorted to the monstera pattern. Once you crochet and start assembling the arrangement, you will notice how realistic they are. Of course, for anyone who loves gardening, the differences are visible. But the charm it gives to the decoration is incredible.

To maintain the realism of the piece, it is important that you choose more realistic colors as well. Neon or blended green makes it a little more obvious that the plant isn’t real. But this is also a matter of choice, it depends on the final objective in decorating each one.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Pippa Patterns

Like the monstera crochet pattern, you can make different arrangements of all sizes. And for those of you who have already seen our patterns, you know that here at your crochet now there are other flower models. You can play around and make new combinations, the sky’s the limit.

If I tell you that this pattern is easy and point it out to beginners, that’s not true. As with all craft patterns, it is important that you read the pattern the first time before doing anything else. See if you recognize all the stitches and what the pattern calls for. You can clear your doubts here in the comments or start with an easier pattern. It’s all in one place at Your Crochet Now.

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