Crochet Patchwork Squares – Free Pattern

Hey loves! If you’re looking for a pattern to crochet over the weekend and haven’t fallen in love with one yet, why not bet on a colorful blanket? Crochet Patchwork Squares is a beautiful blanket that, when viewed from afar, can appear to be made of fabric. It imitates the patchwork technique, which is the joining of scraps of fabrics of different or the same format.

Here we are going to make several squares of different colors and join them together to maintain the patchwork effect. For this blanket, you can use yarn left over from other projects and vary the colors and textures. If you need a more discreet blanket for your decoration, you can use the same pattern with more sober colors or pastel tones.

That’s what’s amazing about crocheting, with the same pattern and different colors, you can make pieces for many occasions. Never forget that the yarns that will be chosen must be of high quality. It’s the best way to ensure your work gets the appreciation it needs. With the crochet, you can redo the stitches a few times with the same material.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Crochet Swirl

Made a square and didn’t like the result? Disassemble and try again. The important thing is not to give up. Each artisan works with a different time, don’t compare yourself with anyone and keep your practice up to date. We are sure that, as the days go by, you will notice your evolution and you will be very proud of the result.

This pattern you can do slowly, whenever you have time to spare, make some squares and start sewing them when you have the amount you think is enough. Take all your doubts and learn the complete pattern in The Crochet Swirl. Don’t forget to tell us what you think, who you’re giving it to, what colors you’re going to use.

We were so happy to have this feedback and look forward to coming back and sharing more beautiful projects. How about enjoying the weekend and crocheting? We’re sure Crochet Patchwork Squares will be a great company. We wish you all a great weekend. See you soon!

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