Crochet Snowman – Free Pattern

Hello my loves, welcome to Your Crochet Now. I hope to find you all well, healthy and excited for another week that begins. Yes, we reached December. And let’s agree that it didn’t take that long, at least here it went very quickly. How are the Christmas patterns? If you are anxious like me, you should already have some ready.

This was the last project I finished, Crochet Snowman. You know that cute amigurumi that makes your decor more charming? Yes, you arrived at the right pattern. It’s a small project that you can do in an afternoon. Amigurumis are generally recommended for those who already have experience crocheting, but this one is for beginners too.

First read and understand the pattern, then just follow the steps to have a beautiful snowman in your decoration. And amigurumi can appear in different places. You can use them to decorate the Christmas table, entrance hall, living room. Your imagination is the limit.

Crochet Snowman Pattern – Elisas Crochet

Plus, it’s a really cute souvenir that you can give to your guests. If you already crochet, use leftover colored yarn for accessories. Speaking of materials, here’s a list of what you’ll need: 3.25 mm crochet hook; yarn needle; 6mm plastic safety eyes, polyester fiberfill.

The crochet hook number may change if you prefer to use another yarn. Follow yarn’s instructions, this guarantees the best performance. In the end, the dimensions of the snowman crochet are 20 x 11 cm. It’s worth remembering that this is an approximate measurement, it may change depending on the yarn, crochet hook or whoever is crocheting. Don’t think it’s wrong, it’s common for these changes to occur. So, are you ready to not let go of the Christmas atmosphere? We’ve reached December and see you soon with new patterns. See you soon.

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