Gingerbread House – Crochet Advent Calendar

Hey dear colleagues, great to see you here. Know that it is a great joy for me to have your company. I’m glad you remember Your Crochet Now when it comes to crafts. That’s why we’re always looking for new models, ideas that you can make in your home, for decoration, gifting, selling. And now, at the end of the year, we have lots of Christmas patterns. Let’s start?

I know it’s already December and the advent calendar starts on the first. Even so, there is still time to crochet the Gingerbread House. This pattern is crocheted from start to finish. See how beautiful it looks. The colors were chosen to imitate traditional gingerbread cookies, so classic at that time.

These calendars are perfect for creating good memories with children and family. You can agree on a time to meet and see the activities and what each day has in store. Remember that you will set up the calendar and put messages on each day. You can include sweets, activities to do, drawings to paint and biblical messages.

Gingerbread House Pattern

You will become an expert at making the small pockets, after all, there are 24 identical pockets. The numbers glued to each one are made of felt. In the pattern you will see that you can find ready-made numbers. But of course this is not a rule, you can make them out of felt and cut them out. It takes a little more work, but the results are worth it.

Want to make gingerbread too? In the same pattern you will find the link with the instructions and the materials are the same. You can use the yarn left after you finish the Advent calendar. It’s a great way to avoid waste. Eager to get started? Come see the pattern available at Repeat Crafter Me.

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