Fireworks Blanket

The salt blinds fulfill the role of avoiding excessive light in the environment and give an extra touch to the decoration. Today’s pieces can no longer be considered luxury items in the decoration, because in addition to beautifying the house, they also serve to protect furniture and floors, in addition to providing thermal comfort and privacy. When it comes to protection, the most effective versions of blinds are solar screens, which can have a greater or lesser brightness depending on the project and need. In this post we will see more about this and you can learn how to make a beautiful Fireworks Blanket.

Regarding the models, the variety is so great that it is even difficult to list them, you will have a wide variety of choices. The most used models are the rollers and roman ones, followed by more sophisticated models. The important thing when choosing is to combine functionality with beauty, thus creating a project that protects, gives the resident privacy and makes the environment more beautiful.

Nowadays the best thing about projects is choosing to use the blinds with side curtains, to give more comfort in the environment in question. We can mix different materials: wooden blinds with linen (side) shawls, solar screens in the roll model of synthetic materials, with velvet curtains.

Free Pattern Available: Fireworks Blanket

Another option is the more delicate models, with horizontal blades that float between transparent screens, which have brightness adjustment, accompanied by shawls of the most diverse materials. In the commercial and corporate segment, the use is more defined by pieces of greater practicality and ease of cleaning, to give you a help.

They are the cleanest blinds, without the presence of fabric shawls, unless the design asks for these elements, for having a specific style, such as women’s or men’s stores that call for a more sophisticated atmosphere, or even restaurants that have a decoration more imposing, so pay attention to that.

The technology of fabrics and controls is another thing that should be highlighted in blinds, so keep that in mind. Manufacturers are increasingly striving to make technological fabrics, with antistatic, solar treatment and excellent durability. In addition to the increasingly practical and easy commands, which can also be part of automation.

In another project that we saw, the loft was created for a modern and cool couple, who are not afraid of integrating environments and have nothing to hide. We use wooden blinds to give a more cozy touch. In this case, the blind also served to mark the space separating the bedroom from the living room.


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