Square Log Cabin Dishcloth

Balconies were long forgotten, but nowadays they are of great importance in apartments. With gourmet style, small or spacious, they give a special touch to the environment and are excellent for receiving friends or resting after a busy day. In order not to err in the decoration of balconies, it is important to invest in cozy, functional elements that match the owners of the house. In the case of the gourmet balcony, the first step is a bench equipped with a tub and cabinets, preferably planned so that they can make the best use of the spaces. In this post we will see more about and you can learn how to make an incredible Square Log Cabin Dishcloth.

A set of swivel stools next to a bistro table – that tallest table similar to those found in bars – are good options on any type of balcony, after all, they are pieces that match the outside and take up less space when compared to conventional tables and chairs and will give a very nice touch to the environment. Potted plants and seats are very welcome.

Whenever space allows, sofas, armchairs and ottomans can be placed without fear, they will help a lot. In some situations, when the square footage of the balcony is reduced, it ends up not being valued enough, or even rendered useless.

Free Pattern Available: Square Log Cabin Dishcloth

Even though small, it is able to become a very useful room for residents. The fact that it does not contain a barbecue or sink does not mean that it cannot be used as a gourmet space, quite the contrary. A compact fridge next to a countertop or coffee table is enough for snacks to be enjoyed in smaller poufs and armchairs, which gives you a great help. When there is a preference for a sofa, it is convenient to choose a model without a side arm.

The scenery can be completed with a vertical garden, also known as a green wall, which gives a very beautiful touqe to the environment. This is a good alternative, since it allows the presence of plants without compromising circulation, which would happen if pots were placed. It is always good to remember that this part of the house is more exposed to the outdoors and, for this reason, the materials need to be adequate.

Wicker armchairs, for example, are widely used today in this area. Futon cushions fit perfectly in this type of use, in addition to coloring the space in a cheerful way. Wood is also very present, whether through panels or a floor deck. It is essential that the colors, textures and coverings bring the feeling of well-being and coziness, after all, the balcony is the only corner of interaction with the outside world for those who live in an apartment.

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