Fleece Slippers – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! Excited to learn another pattern with us? We were very happy to be able to share all this with you. Taking advantage of these moments to learn and relax at the same time makes us very happy. Thinking about getting more comfortable, let’s learn how to make Fleece Slippers. There is no one who can resist coming home after a tiring day and resting their feet in such comfortable slippers.

This model is quick to make and we’re sure you won’t have any problems. Slippers can be made for the whole family. Choose different colors for each of them. Make it with children’s themes for kids, they will love it. Choose fabrics that are comfortable, soft and very malleable, so you don’t pinch your feet. Also, choose fabrics that are a little thicker.

In the pattern you can see the designer’s fabric suggestion. As for the sole part, if you want to use a thicker material, you can also. Just make sure your needle is strong and you will be able to sew it. Numerous adaptations can be made, just follow the available pattern of the pattern and assemble it the way you like the most. There are two models in the same pattern.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Learn Create Sew

You will learn how to make the most closed slipper, which covers the entire foot, and the one with a strap, reminiscent of a ballerina’s shoe. The fleece slippers pattern is available from Learn Create Sew. There you will find the list of materials, the video tutorial and the templates that you can print and use to make the slippers.

Watch the tutorial videos a first time before starting anything. So you can get a better idea of ​​what you need and how the project will be. It’s a great option to sell and earn that extra at the end of the month, or to give as a gift to loved ones. Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments. We look forward to reading your opinion!

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