Four Square Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves, how nice to meet you here! We are always looking for news and tips that can make your craft easier. We have more and more fans of this practice, which helps us to evolve, have new models to learn from and continue to have a second income, if that is your goal.

I know you guys love to crochet, but quilts aren’t far behind and are always in demand around here too. Thinking about it, we separated the Four Square Quilt to share with you. A very colorful quilt model, perfect to be the touch of color in your decor and make everything more cheerful.

Quilts are that classic piece in bedroom decor. A well-made bed has its value and with a beautiful quilt, everything is even more elegant. Here we have a very colorful model that can match the children’s room as well. Even more so if we take the opportunity to fit children’s prints.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Happy Quilting Melissa

Anyone who thinks that quilts are only in the bedrooms is wrong. They have their space in the decoration of the room as well. Who wouldn’t want to have a piece like this to snuggle in on the coldest days? That’s why they also do very well in external areas. Here we have an example of combinations, but by changing the color palette, you can fit it into all environments.

When we talk about quilts, we know that we have different bed sizes, but changing the quilt size is not difficult. Even more so when we are talking about a quilt built in blocks. Increase or decrease the amount and have the quilt you’ve always wanted.

Quilts are a great option when we want to give gifts to special people. If you want to have an extra income, quilts also have a great outlet and are beautiful products to sell. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it. Come learn Four Square Quilt with us.

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