Road Trip Duffle Bag – Free Pattern

Hello everyone, welcome to Your Crochet Now. I hope to find everyone well, healthy and willing to learn a new pattern. Here you will find beautiful patterns, made with different techniques and for all levels, beginners to experts. But before anything else, come and tell us how you are, we want to know how your projects are doing.

Sewing allows us a world of alternatives. From small pieces, clothes, to quilts, patchwork and everything your imagination allows. Moving away from traditional quilts, how about learning the Road Trip Duffle Bag? This model is quite different. A big bag that, as the name already says, is perfect to use on your trips.

These bags are very useful. Here in the pattern you will see that it doesn’t have many dividers. Bags like this are too big, the dividers don’t work very well. But you can be sure that everything you want to carry will fit in this bag.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Art Gallery Fabrics

Seeing the list of materials you realize that there is nothing different from what we are used to using in our seams. Use and abuse pins to have a straighter seam, a better sewn bag. Just don’t forget to take them off afterwards. When choosing fabrics, make the combinations that you find most beautiful. Take the opportunity to mix prints with scraps you already have at home.

Remember to choose quality materials. As much as the fabrics are resistant, we are talking about a handmade item. Do not exaggerate the weight that you will put inside the bag. If you find it necessary, reinforce the handle or make it with a more resistant material. Take the opportunity to use your creativity and create an incredible road trip duffle bag.

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